100% completely individualized plans for weight loss, contest prep, and even just to tone up.

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How are your plans for clients?

I personalize everything I do for my clients.  I send out a new client questionnaire for you to fill out and return to me along with pictures.  I take that info and customize diet, training and cardio plans tailored to your schedule and food preferences.

How often do we check in?

Check ins are every 1-2 weeks for each client and plans are changed based on progress every 1-3 weeks.

What type of coaching do you offer?

I offer weight loss, tone up, bulking, and all competition prep coaching.

Do I have to eat the same foods everyday?

No, I offer flexible meal plans with many options for most meals. I also offer IIFYM (if it fits in your macros) style dieting for unlimited variety with foods.

Do I have to do hours of cardio or spend all day in the gym?

No, I make all my plans doable according to each clients realistic commitment to the gym.

What if I have injuries or limitations?

We can work around any restrictions.

How are payments made?

I accept payments via PayPal and can invoice you anywhere from weekly/bi-weekly/monthly.  Totally your preference.

How are workouts lined out?
My workouts are easy to follow with everything lined out for you with exercises, sets, and reps listed for you.  All exercise names are common known ones and you are able to look on YouTube or Google for demonstrations to use proper form or view if you aren’t sure how to do them.
How long does it take to begin to see results?

As long as you follow the plan, typical results begin to happen in 10-14 days.

I am a NO BS style coach.  I work together with my clients, I listen to you and want to know as much as I can.  I am very hands on and want to be here every step of the way.  I try to make everything realistic and achievable. I use food as a tool and teach you how to live a fit and healthy lifestyle with balance and not totally depriving yourself.

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